The Valley

About the Community

The Valley is envisioned as a new quaint town. It is comprised of a network of residential neighbourhoods through tributaries of lush greenery, forging a network of green open spaces and best-in-class community amenities that have never before been seen in the region.

The design concept stems from the desire to establish a strong sense of community family living, equipped with retail, entertainment, recreational, educational and health facilities. This makes The Valley the perfect place for residents and their loved ones to power their dreams, becoming the next generation of UAE’s innovators and change-makers.

Key Facts On the Community

The Valley - Kids' Dale
Kids' Dale

10,000 Sqm

The Valley - Golden Beach
Golden Beach

30,000 Sqm

The Valley - Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport

25 minutes to drive

The Valley - Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

20 Minutes Away

The Valley - Sports Village
Sports Village

20,000 Sqm

The Valley - Schools & Nurseries
Schools & Nurseries


The Valley - Retail Area
Retail Area

61,000 Sqm

The Valley - Lush Open Spaces
Lush Open Spaces

43.5 Sqm

The Valley - Mosques


The Valley - Clinics

in the Retail Area

The Valley - The Pavilion
The Pavilion

3,000 Sqm

The Projects